E.G. Emils Deli Meats Facility Expansion

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Producer of organic and natural deli products expands production and storage capacity

Anyone can design, but keeping people accountable, that's where you're really good… Fair, professional and accessible. You can adapt quick. That's your strength.
Ron Ramstad, CEO/President

Project Highlights

  • Master plan created for improving product flow and increasing production capacity
  • Browning oven lines added with ventilation and temperature control upgrades
  • Post-package pasteurization, shipping cooler, and dock added to improve food safety and storage capacity


sf facility


post-package pasteurizer


finished good cooler

Facility Expansion for RTE Gourmet Deli Meat

When Ron Ramstad purchased property to expand his Philadelphia facility that produces organic and natural deli products, he interviewed a variety of A/E firms before choosing Food Plant Engineering LLC. Specifically, Ramstad asked to develop master plans and layout improvements for his inner-city operation.

Forward Thinking

He implemented much of the plan, finally deciding to expand the facility to the adjacent property. However, Ramstad opted not to enlist Food Plant Engineering’s help for on-site management of the project. Instead, he kept the firm on as a business representative and consultant. Site complexities and difficulties with a contractor Ramstad hired on his own made the process challenging.

“We didn’t think we needed that,” Ramstad says, and he admits that the decision was difficult. Working with knowledgeable experts is a must in the food plant industry. For Ramstad, finding the professionals suited for his specific problems while he ran his own business became the prerogative.

“People like us: we don’t do this every day,” Ramstad says. “So you need people who know what they’re doing.”

Trusted Consultant

FPE understands that a business owner has a lot on their plate when it comes to managing their own daily operations. Alongside A/E design services and construction oversite, FPE can help owners via consultation on a variety of different contractor needs.

Despite the challenges Ramstad faced, the expansion project finished on time and on budget. Those involved in the day-to-day operations of the facility “love it,” says Ramstad. “It’s changed the whole appearance of the company. Overall, it changes from being a shack in the corner to a beautiful building.”

Why Food Plant Engineering?

“Anyone can design, but keeping people accountable, that’s where you’re really good,” Ramstad says of the FPE team. Food Plant Engineering’s professionals are “fair, professional and accessible,” he says. “You can adapt quick. You respond quick. That’s your strength.”

Would he recommend Food Plant Engineering? “Oh, I do!” Ramstad says. “All the time.”

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