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Prepared Food: Design & Construction

Food Plant Engineering is a leader in the design build construction of prepared and frozen food processing, production, and distribution facilities.

The design of prepared and frozen food facilities presents challenges unique to the refrigerated food industry. The need for both cooking and chilling or freezing products in the same facility can create issues with condensation. Condensation is caused when water vapor comes into contact with another gas, fluid, or solid that has a temperature below the dew point of the vapor.

Undesired condensation can form when water vapor penetrates the ceilings and walls of refrigerated rooms through pinhole-size openings, or it can be drawn in by the flow of air into the cold room through openings such as doors. Water vapor can also originate from production equipment (such as kettles or ovens) or when the product itself gives off moisture.

We take all of these issues into consideration as we plan and design your facility to be hygienic and efficient.  Then we can construct the facility from the ground up so you can concentrate on growing and sustaining your business.

Food Safe

  • Hygienic zones for separation of raw and ready-to-eat products


  • Linear production line layouts for streamlined operations and improved productivity


  • Energy reduction with balanced ventilation and heat extraction systems