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Construction Management

The Construction Management (CM) approach involves services that implement the design and manage the construction of your project. This method allows for a competitive bidding approach while maintaining a close control over the project design.

Our architectural and engineering teams begin by developing the design documentation for the project. Then, these teams work with our construction team to obtain project pricing and to oversee the design integrity. Our construction team solicits competitive pricing from subcontractors to obtain the right value for the project costing based on the design documentation.


CM is a flexible method for pricing various project options. After a substantial portion of the design has been completed, CM methodology develops project pricing during the last phases of design. This allows for some design changes if budget alignment is needed before the start of construction.


Since preliminary project pricing is developed prior to completion of the design, options are available to adjust the design quality for budget alignment and value engineering purposes.


The CM method allows for flexibility in scheduling because the timeline can be adjusted to meet the needs of the project based on price or quality concerns. That way, if price and quality options for various aspects of the project are desired, the schedule can be adjusted to accommodate price comparisons or quality comparisons before making a choice on an option.