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Technical Oversight for your Project

This traditional project delivery method employs our architectural and engineering teams for technical project review and basic construction oversight. Our architects and engineers will answer design questions from contractors working on the project, review shop drawings (i.e., drawings provided by manufacturers or fabrication shops indicating details of specified project components) and visit the job site to review the installation for adherence to the issued construction documents.

This method works well for smaller projects where it may not be cost-effective to have our full-time site manager present, or for situations where there is an existing relationship with a local contractor.


DBB allows for competitive pricing for the project. However, if design changes and re-pricing are needed to align the budget with the project pricing, the timing to obtain pricing might contribute to a longer construction timeline.


Quality levels for project materials and components are established during the final design phase, so they can be strictly maintained. Subcontractors base their pricing on the criteria in the final design.


This method has the most linear timeline because every step is completed before the next step is started. Design-bid-build may result in the longest timeline or at least equal to CM and DB methods.