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Fast Track

The fast-track approach can be used in conjunction with DBB, CM, and DB and is not a stand-alone method. This approach is used when time is critical, and the shortest possible project duration is needed. Our engineering and architectural teams will issue parts of the design prior to its completion, and construction will begin on those parts before the remainder of the design is finished. While this will shorten the overall project timeline, it can lead to changes in the field during construction because design decisions are made early in the project based on incomplete information.


This method provides the least control over the pricing of a project. The project construction is started before the final design is completed, and cost will be committed before all the project costs are known.


Since the project is being constructed before the entire project design has been completed, the quality choices are limited because decisions need to be made before all factors are fully understood.


This method allows for the project to start construction earlier than with other construction delivery methods alone, and it should allow for the shortest overall project duration. Fast-track also allows early equipment ordering for long-lead time items.