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Once a design is completed, the process of acquiring building permits begins. This process is handled by our firm, and we tailor our approach to the submission requirements of each local government agency.

Every state and local community has requirements for what documents are needed for submission. Prior to the submission of any documents, we will contact the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) where the project is located. This term is used to describe the agency (or individual) that approves permit drawings and the project construction/installation. The AHJ is typically the building or fire official of the city, township, or county where the project is located.

As part of the process of submitting stamped, signed, and sealed construction documents to the AHJ, we will respond to any questions that arise during the review process. Often, the agencies will reply with corrections or additions needed to the drawings or other documents submitted. We will also respond to these inquiries from governmental authorities regarding the submitted construction documents. We will revise any submitted document to comply with changes required by governmental authorities.