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Project Cost

Prior to the construction of any project, budgets and project costs need to be established. This process begins in the Planning stages of project development. Pricing from subcontractors performing the work can be obtained once the project scope and design are more fully developed. While the project delivery method impacts the way an actual project cost is determined, every project shares the following:


Vetting subcontractors for your project requires research and discernment. Constructing a food plant is very different from constructing commercial projects such as office buildings, restaurants, or even food storage facilities.

We prequalify subcontractors before engaging them in a project and before obtaining pricing from them. We analyze prospective subcontractors according to their experience with complex/industrial projects, financial stability, prior professional commitments, personnel, and safety record.


We understand the construction market for the food industry and strive to obtain the appropriate value for your project. This requires an understanding of the current construction market conditions and historical costs for food plant projects.

Obtaining pricing for the cost of your project involves giving prequalified subcontractors drawings, specifications, and written explanations that outline their portion of the project and what information to include in their pricing.

These tasks involve:

  • Preparing pricing documents

  • Answering questions from subcontractors and rendering interpretations
  • Reviewing and evaluating subcontractor pricing for scope and completeness
  • Evaluating any substitutions, additions, or deductions
  • Preparing pricing reviews and analysis
  • Preparing contracts and hiring each trade subcontractor

Value Engineering

The design may be reviewed for cost savings opportunities to better align project costs with the budget. Various ideas for value engineering might be reviewed to better distribute costs within the project.

Value engineering is a process whereby the purchase cost of an item is reduced without sacrificing functionality. In other words, it is getting the “best bang for your buck” when it comes to purchasing project items.