Design: Food Processing Facilities

Developing the Details for Growing Your Food Operation

Need your operation to be process focused, food safe, and sustainable?

Creating a food processing operation that is functional today and adaptable to the future requires foresight. Our design methodology integrates future considerations for food safety, flexibility, expandability, and sustainability into your food production process and facility design.

Want your operation to be designed using the latest technology?

Our collaborative team incorporates the various building elements and systems into a cohesive design by using 3D design software. (We currently use Autodesk’s Revit software which is building information modelling (BIM) software for architects, engineers, designers, and contractors.) This technology allows use to internally coordinate the three-dimensional characteristics of each building element (architectural, structural, HVAC, etc) to check for fit, sizing, and interferences.

Enhance Productivity with Smart Automation

Automation is the application of equipment and technology to produce food products. Removing human intervention in food production processes may bring many benefits: reduced labor, higher throughput, higher quality, greater product consistency, and improvement in food safety. Also, most production operations must balance flexibility with efficiency. As with all choices, however, there are tradeoffs for the returns and benefits to outweigh the costs and risks when it comes to the level and complexity of the automation. We work to understand your goals and concerns. We then leverage automation while working with equipment suppliers to identify, evaluate and integrate opportunities to enhance operational efficiency.

Food Facilities Demand Unique Solutions

Food manufacturing operations present design challenges that are unique to the food industry. Unlike most other facilities, food plants endure physical and chemical abuse daily with the constant risk of biological contamination. The need to maintain a hygienic processing environment and minimize risk requires a facility that can be sanitized day after day with harsh chemical cleaners and sanitizers. In addition, temperatures often range from the extreme heat of hot processing and cooking to the below zero cooling of products and rooms. And the multitude of food product handling equipment moving throughout the facility presents the opportunity for damage to floors and walls with every passing.

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