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Structural Design Options for Facility and Equipment

There are a variety of options available for the structrual framing and equipment support for your operation. The optimal choice depends on factors such as:

  • Type of food processing or storage that will be in your facility

  • Sanitation (wet or dry) cleaning requirements for your operation

  • Building size and height requirements

  • Future expansion needs

  • Building and process equipment locations and support requirements

Some of the options and choices include:

Convention Framing

Steel columns, beams, and bar joist system. Allows for easy roof mounting of equipment.

Concrete Pre-Cast

Can also be tilt-up. Exterior walls can be load bearing. Provides for durable exterior walls.


Hygienic rooms constructed inside of warehouse-like building with room walls and ceilings constructed using insulated metal panels

Rigid Frame

Often referred to as pre-engineered metal building. May reduce or eliminate columns. Well suited when roof top mounted equipment is not needed.


Equipment platforms and supports. Can be designed for sanitary or wash down enviroments.


Conventional strip footings or deep foundations with grade beams and piers.