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Process Planning

What is Process Planning?

Process planning develops your requirements for storage and production based on food processing capacity needs. Considerations for process flow, process equipment, technology, storage, and food safety are used to generate a process definition and space requirements for a new or expanded operation.

The planning process is rarely linear. New ideas and unforeseen possibilities often surface. This creative problem-solving process may lead to considering an option that was previously deemed unacceptable, or it may reveal a solution that was not thought about in any previous plans.

This back and forth process ultimately leads to the best solution for expanding, renovating or building a new food plant.

How is a Process Plan Developed?

To develop a plan for your facility expansion, renovation or new construction project, we must define the food processing and storage criteria that must be met. This project criteria will determine the scope for the project.

Process planning begins with the collection of data on any current or proposed food processing and storage operation. We do this via web-conferencing, on-site visits (if you have an operational facility) and a detailed questionnaire to assess your needs and short and long-term goals. We will also gather any layouts you may have created as well as any process/production flow diagrams (HACCP & P&IDs) that are available. In addition, we will also gather relevant information on your existing and proposed operation.

Information Gathered

Raw Materials

Ingredients and raw materials to be utilized for processing and packaging, including storage, handling and volume needs


Products desired to be produced, including storage and handling requirements, volumes, flow rates, batch sizes, portion sizes and packaging requirements


Processing or packaging equipment currently in use or envisioned for a new operation

Office & Employees

Employee welfare, lab space, administrative offices, maintenance functions and shipping/receiving function needs


Proposed or existing building information including architectural, structural, HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical data


Proposed site information including any surveys, geotechnical data, utility data, and property boundaries

What does a Process Plan look like?

Process Flow Diagrams

Flow diagrams showing production, processing, and packaging volumes, rates, and capacity for your operation.

Spatial Needs

Spatial requirements for raw material storage, work-in-process, production/processing, finished goods storage, employee welfare, lab space, administrative offices, maintenance functions, and shipping/receiving/fulfillment functions

Equipment Needs

Food processing, production, and packaging equipment needs for your operation.